TEMPORARY Emergency Communication Operator Rice/Steele Center (Full-Time) $22.85 – 29.63 per hour

Job Summary



Under general supervision, the 911 Emergency Communications Operator performs skilled technical communications work receiving and transmitting information, dispatching public safety units as required and prioritizing calls. Employees are required to make independent decisions in the dispatch of public safety personnel and equipment in response to calls for service. Activity is tracked in a real-time mode using a Computer Aided
Dispatch (CAD) system.

Examples of Duties


Answering and Dispatching calls:

  • Gather information via multi-channel radio, 911 emergency and non-emergency phone systems, and computer terminal. Responsible for exercising independent judgment to solicit, identify, assess, evaluate, prioritize, summarize and transmit information regarding calls for service
  • Answer incoming calls (radio and telephone). Ascertain nature of situation and its location
  • Monitor radio activities and provide supplemental information, personnel and equipment
  • Dispatch police, fire, EMS, rescue, and reserves and monitor all radio channels.
  • Utilize extensive training, departmental policies, procedures and guidelines, mandates, and laws governing a dispatcher’s response and conduct to determine appropriate procedure and necessary action
  • Making calls for officers: tow request, detox, judges, public works, etc.
  • Operate CAD to enter, receive and manipulate associated data, tracking activity and location of personnel and equipment
  • Monitor severe weather and sound sirens, when needed

Maintenance and Administration of Equipment:

  • ·Monitor multiple radio channels on ARMER. Assist in coordinating activities between law enforcement, fire/rescue, medical, emergency management, municipal utility, and County Highway units operating in the field
  • ·Utilize the CAD and Records Management Systems (RMS) to their fullest capacity
  • ·Operate National Crime Information Center (NCIC)/Minnesota Justice Information Systems (MNJIS) terminal to exchange information with other law enforcement agencies and verify driver records, vehicle registrations, criminal histories, stolen and recovered property, etc.
  • ·Operate public notification system by sending out emergency notifications to public or page out SWAT, dive team or others as needed

Data Processing:

  • ·Request, disseminate, enter, verify, modify and cancel protected data through computerized terminals linked to State, Federal, Interstate and local Law Enforcement systems to include but not limited to; driver and motor vehicle information, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) ‘hot files’; criminal histories; persons, property, vehicle and other restricted data files
  • ·Assist records and jail staff with entering and removing NCIC/MNJIS records
  • ·Provide general information not limited to; filing police reports, impounded vehicles, returned property, locations in the county; various telephone, address and contact information, special event information etc.
  • ·Search databases for information requested by officers
  • ·Court attendance, if necessary

Other Duties:

  • ·Notify Shift Supervisor of all critical incidents or other matters requiring their attention
  • ·Answer questions and complaints from the public in a courteous and tactful manner
  • ·Train new employees
  • -Maintain a clean and respectful work environment while on duty



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license
  • Must pass required background check
  • Process basic computing skills, including a good knowledge of and experience using: E-mail and Microsoft Outlook, web browsing, basic computer mapping, Adobe pdf viewer, word processing and spreadsheet software, and ability to type 40 WMP.


  • Communications experience
  • Two years of experience as a public safety Communications Operator or Dispatch
  • Experience in Customer Service
  • Experience or education in law enforcement, fire or EMS training
  • Previous experience in Criminal Justice, Corrections or Courts


  • State of MN Terminal Operators Portals Certification
  • NIMS Training
  • Data Privacy

Above certifications required within six months of hire as a condition of continued employment.

Supplemental Information

HOURS: This position involves Full-time hours which are generally a 12 hour shift in a 24/7/365 environment. You may be required at times to work outside of your regularly scheduled hours under certain circumstances.

SELECTION PROCESS: May include, but not limited to: job related interview process, typing and comprehension testing and criminal history background check.

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